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The construction industry in Norway is a very large industry and the value chain is pretty complex with wide variations. In addition, this industry is known to be more conservative than other industries, with regards to utilizing new technology. As so, introducing change in this well-established industry is not easily welcome unless meeting huge challenges.


It is also a recognized fact that the Norwegian construction industry is not in the forefront when it comes to developing new technology. One important reason for this is that traditionally Norway is used to extract raw materials from the nature, oil and gas being the most important one. The majority of technology developemet is therefore focused on this areas. In addition, there is a myth in the industry that introducing machines result in vanishing work places.


However, new technology, like 3D printing of buildings, using robots in construction and automatization of special tasks in construction may create new business models and result in more production inside Norway. This will in turn result in that craftsmen working in traditional positions must increase their technical knowledge in order to be able to use their expertise within these new technologies. This means that one can expect a development in craftsmen expertise and knowledge in line with new technology development.


We in RACTAS mean that in order for new technology to become more interesting for the construction industry, there should be a link between technology, environment, automation and people. Our business model is therefore focused on developing advanced technologies for automation of work which traditionally is demanding for craftsmen to perform and in addition has negative effects on the environment.

RACTAS was established in October 2015 as a technology company with limited responsibility. Our primary market will be the Nordic countries but our products will have global reach. Our ambition is to become a preferred technology provider offering unique solutions to our customers.


Our team has more than 60 years of accumulated experience with design, project engineering, procurement and project management. Through innovation in design, we intend to serve sectors of the marked which still have high potential for operational automation. Currently we are working on a range of innovative solutions which we believe will revolutionize the industries they are being designed for.




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