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RAC Technologies - Products



RACTAS has more than 60 years of accumulated experience within product design for oil & gas, mechanical and construction industries. We are currently developing a unique system for the construction industry which will revolutionize the way certain activities are performed within this industry today. This system is currently being patented and we will add more information about it to our pages as soon as we can.

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RAC Technologies - Services



RACTAS offers its customers a range of engineering services consisting of design, various types of analyses, model simulation and procurement. Our services are available both on short and long term and will be offered both in-house and at customer locations. We participate in both tender, study, R&D, FEED and EPC projects.

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RAC Technologies - Components



RACTAS has established relationship with recognized European suppliers of various high quality components for the construction and oil & gas industries. We assist our customers to specify their needs, find a qualified supplier and ease the processes of payment and delivery, and hence make the transaction as safe as possible for both parties. During this process we will act as an independent 3rd party and we commit ourselves to follow the laws and regulations of the country of origin, the transit countries and the destination country.

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