RACTAS is a technology provider to the construction, mechanical and oil/gas industries. We develop our solutions in 2 ways:


  • In-house: Based on the general needs of the industry, we develop own solutions, manufacture them and launch them to the marked through own distribution channels.


  • On-demand: We participate in customer projects and develop their needed solutions on the basis of design specifications developed by the customer.


In both cases we use state-of-the-art software for design, analysis, simulation and documentation. During the design process, our focus is on areas like user interfaces, operational safety and environmental friendliness. We will follow the product through its entire life cycle from idea to concept development, detail engineering, manufacturing, market launch, utilization and finally demolition.





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NO 916 051 190


Jerpefaret 13

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+47 959 64 386


Jerpefaret 13

1388 Borgen, Norway

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