Engineering analysis involves the application of scientific analytic principles and processes to reveal the properties and state of a component, system, device or mechanism under study. RACTAS has long experience in performing certain kind of engineering analyses. These include the following:


  • Finite Element Analyses (FEA) of mechanical components: This analysis is done by transferring the 3D model to an analyzing software and study the effect of loads on various sections of mechanical part or assembly. When doing this analysis, we consider the components material properties, the nature and direction of the applied loads or pressures, degrees of freedom under load/pressure application and the effect of the surrounding environment.


  • Clash analyses within an assembly: This is done directly within the 3D CAD and consists of finding and removing all clashes with adjacent objects.


  • Access analyses: This analysis is done within the 3D CAD by making fly through paths in the 3D model and study the available envelope around the paths center line.


  • Installation analyses: With regards to remote installation of components and systems, especially in the case of oil and gas industry and subsea installations, it is extremely important to know that systems can land on each other without any obstacles and in a safe way. Such operations can be simulated on the computer screen by using the 3D model of the system. RACTAS has experience with this kind of analysis and can in addition prepare high quality animations of the operation for visualizing and training purposes.


  • Environmental Impact analyses: By gathering information about component materials, fabrication methods, location of the manufacturing site, method of handling, storage, preservation and transport as well as other related information depending on what product or system we are studying, RACTAS can calculate the Carbon Footprint of manufactured components, assemblies and systems. We experience that this kind of analysis is more and more being required by end users of those systems which want to make sure products they use in their respective operations have few or no impact on the environment.


  • Flow analyses: RACTS offers simplified CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) and Flow analyses for systems carrying certain types of mediums. We do this by existing functionalities of our 3D CAD systems. Upon request, we may however coordinate such analysis to be performed by a qualified 3rd party in accordance to our customers’ requirements.


  • OPEX / CAPEX analyses: RACTAS has competence and experience to perform such analyses, but we prefer to do this as part of a study or FEED. Upon need we may however consider to do stand-alone analyses of this kind for certain types of investments.



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